Braun Series 5 vs Series 7 : Which One Should You Buy?

Shopping just for the correct Braun shaver is often a real task if you are not quite certain what you really want. By scanning this guide, at least you’ll be able to narrow down it that which Series you wish to pick from. In terms of which exact version, that is a decision you’re going to need to create in your personal since it’s absolutely an issue of personal taste.

Because you might have figured, that the Series 7 is just a small step up from Series 5. Series 7 shavers have a tendency to incorporate more features and complete much better specifications. Series 7 also cost a little more compared to Series 5 shavers too, therefore it is ideal to discover just which qualities you want and those you can live without to be able to limit your choices.

The Series 7 isn’t exactly only an upgraded version of this Series 5. Even the Series 5 shavers possess any features which are unique from one another, though maybe not a lot of. Let us take a good look at what features each shaver has that another does not.

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Braun Series 5 vs 7 : An overview of features

Braun Series 5 is really a standard mid-range series with all the values ranging from $100 and $150. As the scope started using five models, simply the 5090cc, 5040s and the 5030s come in circulation in the US now. 5050s and 5070cc are outside of circulation.

Here are some features that specify the Series 5 versions:

Cross Hair Blade

The cross-hair blade at the Series 5 has been a somewhat slightly mellowed down variation of this Immediate and Cut feature of this Series 9.

As the Series 9 Direct and Cut feature makes it possible for the indecently flying heads to catch hair from many guidelines, the crosshair blade will do exactly the exact same, sans independently floating heads.


Commonalities inside Series 5

Braun has set some unnaturally made explainer videos on the site. These explain the way a Series 5 models are not the same as the interior and also how each feature in each version was specifically implemented.

But matters are not exactly overly lavish. There are a lot of similarities at the Series 5 models. The majority of them are overly self-imposing to discount. Sample Several.

Ultra/Active lift feature

From the Series 7, then you also get a corresponding elevator activity. However there, it’s basically powered by the midst trimmer of this gadget.

The centre trimmer is placed at a manner that level hair really is raised and cut on simultaneously.

The technology which eases that really is Lift&Cut Technology.

In-series 5, an identical activity is achieved, though maybe not during the Lift & Cut activity.

It’s done only via the thickest blades of their gadget.

Completely adaptive / Macro and micro movement

For each shaver at the Series 5, then the mind snaps fairly publicly and stinks to match the borders and curves onto the face area.

Even the OptiFoil with floating elements be certain to receive the extra grip once the shaver runs throughout the face.

Even greater flexibility is achieved with the suspension of the average person cutting elements.

This works in conjunction with all the pivoting action of their head to promote improved equilibrium.

Head Lock

The head lock turned into an increasingly important feature from the time a few shavers (by different manufacturers) reported that the head falling away and causing injuries.

The multiple head is just a set 5 mechanism which holds the elastic head of this shaver directly at the bottom.

This works great once you’re striking unique regions of the face at several different angles.

Water Proofing and wet shaving

It’s simple to wash every shaver simply by removing the head and setting the shaver under water that is running.

For more intense shaving, then you might even utilize heated water to cleaning the body.

So far as shower shaving moves, it’s anybody’s guess perhaps not all of Series 5 models allow compatibility.

Even the 5040s may be utilized in shower with no hitch.

From the Series 7 scope, merely the 799cc eases shower shaving.

Clean&Renew™ System

Braun deserves categorical applause such as the sterile and Renew system at the Series 5.

It’s a decent job in cleaning the shavers. Besides the 720s, most of the Series 7 shavers have the Clean&Renew system.

In-series 5, the clear&Renew system is found in notes except that the 5030s and the 5040s.

As the machine is effective, the cleansing fluid will likely have replacement every 3 weeks.

Every file of this Braun cleaning solution ships at at $6 to get today.

There are several other more economical alternatives to this Braun cleanup solution.

The Braun one is alcohol-based. You may in fact make your personal one if you’re convinced enough.

Pop up Trimmer

Both Series 7 and the Series 5 include pop-up trimmers that assist with trimming sideburns, mustaches and at times hair round the nose.

Popup trimmers will also be ideal if you’re searching for extra styling.


Both the series have batteries which charge up within a hour or so flat. As the Series 7 provides you liter of 50 minutes, the Series 5 is sold with 45 minutes of run time.

Every one of the shavers from the Series 5 could be plugged or run using battery when operating. The instance differs just for the 5040s that works cordless just.

Traveling assistance

The Series 5 is primarily lacking a personalized traveling pouch. Just the 5090cc has a travel pouch. On the flip side, every Series 7 shaver is sold with some type of a traveling pouch or instance.

For individual versions

When coping with respective units, you can normally find a combo of a number of the qualities mentioned previously. The more the vocabulary of this version, the more features you’re going to get. By way of instance, the 799cc-7 naturally gets got the most useful features whilst the 720s-6 is potentially the most elementary from the Series 7.

In the same way, that the Series 5 gets got the 5090cc because its flagship version that features caked shaving too.

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Braun Series 7 7865cc

Differences between Series 5 and Series 7

Intelligent Sonic Technology


Braun Series 5 vs 7The display isn’t generic for these models. The majority of the Series 5 models have 2 (or three) level LCD screens.

All of Series 7 shavers get standard LED screens with a few alterations such as the cleanliness detector and traveling lock indicator.

Surprisingly, the 5040s from the Series 5 additionally receives a travel lock indicator.

This really is surprising, given that the 760cc-4 doesn’t receive exactly the very same features all of the time combined.


Charge and Run Time

Braun Series 5 vs 7The period required for fully charging any Series 7 or Series 5 version wouldbe one hour.

As the Series 7 supplies 50 minutes of run time on full charge, you receive 45 minutes of functionality performance on the Series 5.

However, the gap of 5 minutes from run time should not create a significant gap, since it simply counts two quick shaves.

Well, unless people two shaves are whatever you really require.


Traveling Pouches

Braun Series 5 vs 7Maybe not an excellent one, but every one of these really are harmonious shavers that have good help for travelling.

The Series 5 is sold with complex pouches which have protective caps also.

The grade of material from the Series 7 travel components is marginally simpler yet.

But it’s all up for you to choose how dearly you may overlook that protective limit.


OptiFoil along with Cross Hair

Braun Series 5 vs 7The Series 5 models arrive with cross-hair technology which grabs hair from many instructions while increasing the grip between your shaver and the face area.

This method works very well for some users actually.

However, the cross hair technique in optimized trimming doesn’t actually step until the OptiFoil out of Braun, that is the sign of this Series 7.

The OptiFoil leaves all of the difference once you’re trying to find that additional grip in trouble spots such as the chin and the neck.


Braun Series 5 vs 7 : If should you choose one on another?

Choosing between a Series 5 and also a Series 7 could be difficult. And even moreso when coping with all shavers offering similar functionality, however, in addition provide pros and cons.

Both of the Series 5 and 7 are two great choices that have the ability to supply a few of their very comfortable shaves. And that includes with an important trade off from the proximity of the shave, and that still remains significantly more than sufficient.

You’ll probably be very happy with the result by picking either of these. My advice is to just go to find one which could suit you considering the advantages and disadvantages exhibited at length above.

As for me, I’d go to your Series 5 when I had been seeking to get a inexpensive and cozy razor; the factors for that are simple: it’s more economical to purchase and to operate plus it provides virtually the identical performance like a Series 7.

The Series 5 5090cc individuals reviewed in terrific detail here can usually be seen at a superb price and is sold with the complete option cleanup base.

And just like I said, with the Series 5 or 7 you’ll probably need the cleanup channel too.

Gently cleaning both of both is fiddly and it eliminates a number of those fuss-free awesomeness of employing an electrical shaver. Getting to eliminate hair clippings, dried and dirt shaving lotion in the amalgamated shaving head isn’t some thing to anticipate.

Seeing the Braun Series 5 vs 7 decision, below are some general tips that will assist you in making a choice.

Series 5 Pros and cons


  • More Affordable than Series 7
  • Cross-hair blade cuts hair growth in any way


  • Does not possess OptiFoil
  • Does not include speed settings for relaxation
  • Lacks Intelligent Dynamics technology


Series 7 Pros and cons


  • Includes OptiFoil
  • Has three speed settings
  • Consists of Intelligent Dynamics technology


  • Costs Much More than 5 Series


From the Series 7, you obtain yourself a better transparency, and three speed settings including relaxation, along with Intelligent Sonic technology. If you’d like a wet dry shave and a cleaning station, then you can have either with a Series 5 shaver by buying the 5040s, and it really is really a wet dry shaver, also buying the cleansing channel separately. If you only need the cleaning channel, you’ve got loads of options as recorded previously.

The actual question would be, can it be worthwhile to proceed with the Series 7 in the place of this Series 5? The solution is yes in case speed, comfort and power would be the main concern. The Braun Series 7 is much far better compared to the Series 5.

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