Braun M90 Mobile Mens Cordless Electric Shaver

Braun M90 mobile mens cordless electric shaverBraun M90 mobile mens

The Braun M90 mobile mens cordless electric shaver was built keeping one thing in mind travelling comfort. It is a no frills shaver in terms of sophisticated technology but it has a strong foundation features which make it well designed for carrying.

It is small in size and lightweight with a single blade, protective cap and a separate trimmer. It uses simple AA batteries which are easy and inexpensive to buy. It can continue to give good results for a long period of time.


Let us go through the main points for this pocket sized light weight Braun M90 mobile mens electric shaver –

  •    It has a small and compact design. It is only 4.6 in long and weighs under 7 ounces.
  •    It uses 2 AA batteries and is wireless. The batteries can last more than 3 months.
  •    It has a built-in trimmer.
  •    It has a single razor which is gentle on sensitive skin.
  •    It is a wet and dry shaver.
It has a simple packaging and only contains the shaver and 2 AA batteries. The single razor is beneficial for people having sensitive skin or prone to irritation in different environments. It is small in size and can easily fit into luggage. For the battery, however, there is no display to tell you the charge left, so after awhile it is better to keep new batteries at hand. The trimmer is already attached to the shaver and just needs to be slid on. As far as the cleaning is concerned you will have to clean it with running water or keep a separate brush.


√   It is waterproof and works in both wet and dry conditions.
√   It is inexpensive.
√   It has a built-in trimmer.
√   It is compact and easy to keep in luggage.
√   It runs on AA batteries and there is no need for recharging.


×   There is no display to indicate the battery left.
×   There is no cleaning system and no brush is provided either.

Final Verdict
For people who are constantly travelling and need a reliable shaver with simple functionality and tough endurance then the Braun M90 does meet the requirement. It is very handy and easy to carry also the AA battery removes any need for recharging it is also quite inexpensive. If you are not looking for any special technology then this best Braun shaver does provide the right configuration, the only thing which you might want to look into is that there is only one razor blade and if you have thick hair then it might not be powerful enough to give a smooth shave in the first few runs.