Braun 3 Series 380S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver

Braun 3Series 380S-4

braun 3 Series 380S-4 wet and dry shaverThe Braun 3 Series 380S-4 wet and dry shaver is one of the high-end shavers in the Braun series of electric shavers. The shaver is designed to work well in both wet and dry conditions it is also very good in handling longer hair length. The shaver, however, does not come with its own separate travelling case.

Like the other best Braun 3 Series 380S-4 wet and dry shaver also uses Sensofoil technology to give a closer shave. The Sensofoil technology uses sideways motion which helps in irritation-free shaving. The body design facilitates a good grip which ensures it will not slip out of hand even in wet conditions.
It is priced in the higher range so any buyer will like to properly study all the features before making such long term purchase.


Let us first take a look at the main features of Braun 3 Series 380S-4 wet and dry shaver

  •   It is using SensoFoil technology which gives a close shave.
  •   It has Triple Action Cutting System for three different cutting mechanisms.
  •   For better surface contours handling it has a Triple Action FreeFloat System.
  •   It has a precision trimmer which gives accuracy to get the desired shape.
  •   It is fully waterproof and has a LED Display.
  •   It has special Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries which don’t lose charging power.
  •   It comes with a cleaning brush and battery plug.
Like other best Braun electric shaver, the 3 Series 380S also gives really close shave with less irritation. Out of all the features, the Triple Action Free Float system works best to handle the facial contours. The Precision Trimmer gives excellent shaping capability to get the perfect look you want in your sideburns or mustache. The LED display is simple and gives the battery display of the shaver and charge status. One of the most endearing features is the Ni-Mh batteries which are designed specially to not lose charging power for a longer period of time than regular Li-ion batteries.


  1. The razor provides very smooth and comfortable shave, it is powerful enough to go through thick long hair.
  2. Precision trimmer works well to give the right shape to beards and moustache.
  3. The battery is really powerful and long lasting.
  4. There is no requirement of a cleaning station and it can be cleaned manually.


  1. It is a powerful razor no doubt, but it is also very loud and for people who want a low noise shaver they might not like the excess noise.
  2. The razors and blades can be replaced but are quite expensive.
  3. For people with sensitive skin, they might find the razor too strong and rough on their skin.
Final Verdict
This is a Braun shaver for people who like to have the extra power and easy manoeuvrability. It gives a quick and smooth shave. The battery life is amazing and for people who are tired of using Li-ion batteries and see their strength drop over time, these batteries have much more longevity and power. On the downside, it is a tad bit expensive and also quite loud in operation. So, people who want high power performance regardless of other factors then this will be a good purchase.