Top 5 Best Beard Comb For Perfect Beard Of 2018

We all know that beards are an interesting topic. Some men love them (you are problems one of them), some women ban their husbands from having one. Some men take great pride in them and take care in how they grow them while others are simply happy with a scrubby growth growing out of their chin. Modern men do strange things to have a great looking beard, and yet combing it isn’t one of the better-known things.

Best Beard Comb Materials

Among the bearding community, there are few debates hotter than the one about which type of comb is best for your beard. Some like the feel and look of wood, but others choose metal or plastic. Lately, horn beard combs have started gaining popularity among well-groomed beads-men, and we can think of a few reasons why that might be.


Horn best beard combs are very smooth and they don’t damage your hair. The material they are made of can last for many years and they are nearly impossible to break. Unless, again, you try very hard to break them.

Horn s made of keratin, the some substance as the hair, so horn beard combs are especially gentle for the hair.

Beards combs that are made of horn are considered the best combs for beards you can lay hands on. They don’t produce static and they promise a great combing experience.

The animals that die during the process of crafting horn beard combs makes horn beard comb to be considered by some people as non cruelty free beard comb.


Plastic beard combs are of poorer quality. Usually filmy, they create static within the hair and do not smooth out beard hair nicely. In addition to that, plastic best beard combs change colour and biome hardened over time.

They are soft and elastic and usually do not break from dropping or small bending.


Meta beard comb don’t have smoothly cut edges, which can harm hair follicles. They are also far from being anti-static.


Wooden best beard combs are hand cut, which avoids tugging and pulling at your beard. Not only do they look good, but they can last a lifetime and are completely smooth. They do not produce static and are cruelty free best beard combs.

Wooden beard combs usually don’t behave well humidity and as such, shouldn’t be washed with water.

Wooden beard combs include any of the following:

  • Pearl wood comb
  • Sandalwood comb
  • Bamboo wood comb

The Benefits Of Buying a Beard Comb

  • You’ll often hear about beard and how they’re fundamental to healthy beard growth. While this is certainly true, combs are an equal necessity for more mature beards. After three or four months of growth, a brush on its own may struggle in taming a particularly luscious mare.
  • Longer beards risk developing knots and tangling over time in areas that are hard to reach. Therefore, combs are necessary to complement a man’s arsenal. Furthermore, combs are versatile tools can be used for staling long beards after a shower.
  • Unlike brushes, beard combs can be surd on damp hair or even when blow drying a beard. This is an ideal solution for straightening curling beard in the morning. After all, bed hair even affects bears!
  • Beard combs often come with two sets of teeth, which are wide and narrow. This renders them quite versatile as the wide teeth are used for maintenance and untangling knots. Conversely, the fine teeth are best reserved for precision styling and the mustache.
  • Also, a best beard comb is extremely handy when it comes to trimming your ling beard. Whether you’re looking to style it, tame it or even reduce the length, a comb offers extra precision when used with scissors.

Top 5 Best Beard Comb Review

Kent Men’s Handmade 3-Comb Kit

best beard combMade in England, Kent is among the earliest producers of combs and lotions on the planet. More importantly, they started doors in 1777!

I am a huge fan of Kent and now I’ve voiced my admiration for They both brushes and combs previously. Maybe not to say that their shaving gear and more specifically their brushes that are the very best beard brushes to purchase.

Even Though they possess a Array of premium goods, this will not Mean you will need to shell out a lot of money to make it.

This best beard comb set could be the smartest example.

This x3 beard comb package is among the finest combo to Consider outside there. Although I am somewhat reminiscent as a result of my respect to the business, the beard combs are undoubtedly, a fantastic selection for just about any bearded person.

Made of cellulose acetate -rather than polystyrene plastic, They have three unique sizes, each for a particular reason. With this package, you receive yourself a beard spout for house, a pocket on the move and also a mustache comb when high thickness is needed while crafting this handlebar ‘scathe.

Concerning caliber, you cannot fail with a Kent product. Each comb is handmade and saw cut. In addition to that, they glow every individual teeth attain such soft and curved edges to ensure it leaves no space to get damaging your skin or beard.

I have the Specific combo for the past 3 Decades plus Each of Them Feel like fresh. The print is which travelled off but that will not impact the performance or quality in any way.

Overall, I must mention this is among the best beard Combs to take into account. But wait, it has actually 3 combs and also none. That said the beard comb-o is wholly worth the cash and you also can’t fail with almost any product in the Kent.

1 Final thing to notice is that you can find all combs individually. And so, should you think you never desire one and two out of three different items, you might even purchase each separately.

Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb

best beard combIt is no secret which I completely like the products out of Zeus Beard. They have been spoiling all beadsmen by using their beard maintenance services and products which particular beard comb is not any different.

This comb is made from natural horn as we discussed, that is among the greatest substances you’ll be able to used in fabricating combs.

The horn -that can be natural keratin, which ensures that the smooth gliding of the comb during your own beard without damaging your own hair at all. Of course if you are wondering, then there aren’t any jagged edges to damage the hair shaft. One’s teeth and their borders are well polished, so offering you a more smooth cleansing session.

Concerning durability, there isn’t any way that this comb could crack. Additionally, it Can be quite considered a; therefore cleaned with cold or hot water and washed with soap as much times as you’d like. It will not create static such as vinyl combs also this lets you groom your own beard without any hindrance.

The drawback with this particular comb is that creatures expired in the Process and understandably, it will not arrive with a cruelty-free tag. If that is not something which you are concerned, you then can not fail with this particular best beard comb.

Since Zeus Beard is still a Business that pays careful attention to consumer Experience, they offer you just a little extra on this comb. And I am referring to the leather instance particular comb is sold with. Both of these are packaged into a carton box which produces the total experience exemplary. In addition, it produces a amazing gift for anybody who develops a beard.

Overall, this Is a Good comb for beards you can get in this time Price amount that’s constructed from top quality, standard horn. You could be paying a little more compared to the plastic comb however if you don’t lose it, then this comb is on your own lifetime.

Huntsman Beard Co Wooden Beard Comb

best beard combThis really is among those couple brushes and combs which Huntsman Co. has Available and I think, it’s usually the main one worth your consideration. Not that others are not fine, as well as in all honesty, I have not tried them all out. Allow me to explain what I am talking about.

Firstly, this best beard comb comes at Great little dimensions which Makes it perfect to carry it out with you personally. Never to become misleaded it is too small for the own beard though.

But as it comes to utilizing it, then it has got two sides and also the two Sides have various differences between one’s teeth. Therefore, no matter your beard development and density is, then you need to use both of the components to find the intended outcome. This will be actually the definition of advantage – beard dressing tools.

Next, it is Made from well polished wood Which Allows for a Safe and comfortable combing.

Exactly as the Zeus Beard comb, this one includes a leather The best way to guard it correctly later usage. I believe the instance is vital for wooden combs since they do not react perfectly with humidity. That said it’s far better to wash clean it instead of massaging it under water. This will even extend the comb’s lifetime.

Last, you are not likely to encounter some other inactive because of this wooden construction. This really is one of those huge advantages of wooden beard combs in the end.

Pricewise, this is not the most economical one but it is among The very best beard combs out there with wonderful durability and overall performance.

The conclusion? That can be really a Fantastic bargain in a Wonderful bundle for any beadsman.

Baxter of California Beard Comb

best beard combBaxter of California is rather than whatsoever, Becoming among the very widely used men’s grooming brands.

The established business has a Wide Array of men’s goods for every single demand. From decorative creams to bar soaps for guys, shaving creams and hair pomades, they are all there.

In Regards to the Specific beard comb, it really lives up to the criteria that the provider sets.

Although the Business is located in America, this comb is hands Crafted in Switzerland and it is made from the identical stuff Kent’s combs really are. And that’s cellulose acetate and no actual inexpensive plastic which may force you to repent as soon as you put eyes on it.

It is a handmade, Higher Excellent beard comb which reminds me lots of Kent’s. It’s quite robust and it moves through your own beard readily together with smooth cut teeth along with around borders.

Even though this 3.25-Inch combs May Be good for beard Lengths and depth, it’s still a fairly small one. Which usually means a definite quantity of men may find it somewhat hard to comb their beards owing to its width. Furthermore, men with big hands could have any difficulties holding it also.

Regardless, if you are considering a larger comb, then you could also wish to check at the additional beard combs out of exactly the exact same brand. But you may go on and have a peek at hair combs instead.

The specific spout works good as a pocket sized best beard comb also. It has got two unique forms of width between one’s teeth that it is useful for many (decorative) hair loss.

The Cost with this particular comb is not too high, but on original Glimpse, I’d go to the 3 beard combs combo in Kent that comes nearly at precisely the exact same price.

This will not imply that the Specific comb from Baxter of California will not worth its own money. It’s really a good choice that will not leave anybody disappointed, even though there is still room for advancement within the pricing section.

Go-Comb — Beard Comb + Bottle Opener

best beard combThis is possibly the Most hardy beard comb reviewed with this guide.

First, the first thing that you see is that the Metallic substance and also much more Namely stainless steel. However, why is it different compared to the remainder isn’t the size or material although the additional quality of bottle-opener.

That is perfect!

When you complete cleansing your beard, you pop up a boil after which You continue combing ’till another sip.

Beers and Beards… Or Beards. I suppose they could easily title it Beard Comb.

The dimensions of the Specific beard comb Is Quite suitable as it is marginally bigger than a bank card. It’s possible to quickly slip it on your pocket and keep it with you at all moments.

Even Though I am not the greatest fan of alloy beard combs, This 1 Has teeth that are quite smooth.

Apparently, the manufacturers of the best beard comb redesigned the Special product in 2014 because the very first release that had any problems. The re designs left the conclusion simpler without rough edges. And also this really is something I strongly love as an individual as this the definition of customer oriented firm that equates for their own customer’s feedback.

It is an extremely flexible beard comb and Though It feels a Little delicate, it will not appear to change its contour under ordinary conditions.

In all honesty, I still had my doubts concerning the Specific merchandise as The majority of the metallic beard combs don’t offer a terrific cleaning encounter. They often have jagged borders but that is important.

In case You Are Looking for a best beard comb that comes in metal, then look no more. In addition to that, in addition you get yourself a bottle opener on the move.

How To Properly Comb Your Beard

One would figure the science behind beard grooming wouldn’t be any different to how a man takes care of the hair on his head. Right?

Less work is required to comb and sustain your beard properly. You’re more than welcome to build on these pointers, but these are the basic steps to follow if you want to keep your facial hair/beards looking good:

  • Using the wide teeth, gently comb from the neckline towards your jaw line.
  • If you have a thick beard, comb out in layers for a fuller result.
  • If you hit a knot or snag, pull he comb out and gently start again.
  • Comb downwards from your sideburns and cheek line in long, gentle strokes.
  • Finally, use the narrow teeth on the mustache to brush from the center towards the sides.

Beard Comb Or Beard Brush?

The answer isn’t as complicated as it seems. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. In fact, beard brushes and bearded bombs are more alike than different; because they both help you achieve the same goal: a smooth, well-manicured beard free of tangles.

Difference Between a Beard Comb And a Regular Hair Comb

Beard comb:

Best beard comb comes with wide teeth, which will help with gliding through the thicker parts of your beard with ease.

Beard comb also has small teeth to help with your mustache.

Remember this: one comb, two functions.

A good beard comb is smooth, ever and with high-quality teeth that are tailored to the type if hair you have.

Examples include:

  • Percy Nobleman Wooden Comb
  • Huntsman Beard Comb
  • Red Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb
  • Wild Nest Beard Comb Pocket-Size

Regular Hair Comb:

Regular hair combs come in wide, extra wide, Medium and fine teeth which helps with straightening, detangling, and bringing flexibility to hair while combing.

Some regular hair combs have tails and are useful for carefully selecting sections of hair when inserting curlers partings.

Examples include:

  • Mason Pearson Detangling Comb
  • Majestik Classic Hairdressing Comb
  • The Man Comb
  • Kent NU22 Handmade Fine Comb


Choosing the best beard comb for your needs is obviously a personal journey.

But by selecting three potential combs for you to try, we have hopefully narrowed down your choices to only looking at high quality and affordable combs.

The bottom line here is that any of the mentioned beard combs could be the best for you and even if you have to buy all of them, the outlay is still worth it to find the best beard comb to give you a tangle free, smooth and glossy beard experience.

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