Best Shaving Scuttles for the Most Traditional Shave 

Best Shaving Scuttle

A best shaving scuttle is a double walled, ceramic bowl used to keep soap lather warm and for multiple passes. It used by filling the bottom bowl with hot water and building a thick soap/cream lather in the upper bowl. This helps create a thick lather using both the heat from the water and any inner grooves in the bowl while also keeping it nice and warm and ready for re-application for any future passes.

Some scuttles can also have a wide enough opening so that your shaving brush can also be kept warm and wet with the water in the bottom. However, this is less common.

Best Shaving Mug

On the other hand, a shaving mug is virtually a coffee mug used to both store soap pucks and build and store lather without getting your hands soapy. They are often made with a protruded handle for extra ease and are also known as apothecary mugs. They are a simpler method for storing lather to avoid the mess but so mot keep it warm, and can often have a difficult time due to the shape of the mug.

The main difference between a best shaving scuttle and best shaving mug is that a scuttle is made to hold hot water in a separate compartment.

How To Choose A Shaving Mug And Scuttle?

Warm/Cold Lather

The integral lather bowl incorporates a deep spiral in the base and up the walls, giving good purchase on the badger shaving brush when creating a soapy lather. The best shaving scuttle can be reheated in the microwave if required.

Size Of Bowl

When it comes to the shaving Mug size, it all comes down to the number of accessories you have and how large your lather is. It is all about the equipment size and how many items you plan on storing in it.


Usually, the best Shaving Mugs are ceramic-based. Ceramic can break if your mug will fall directly on the ground, but you should not worry that much about this. What you do have to keep in mind is that ceramic is more durable when compared to plastic and it won’t be easy to budge.


Putting the price in mind is important point to note while purchasing a best shaving scuttle/mug. While some costly, some are very affordable.

Top 6 Best Shaving Scuttle & Mug

Georgetown Pottery Shaving Scuttle Mug

Best Shaving ScuttleWe are going to begin off this list with a Scuttle. If you’re in to wet shaving, then afterward the Scuttle ought to be an alternative you consider for producing pruning. Usually, in such circles, you’ll locate Scuttles are the smartest choice for producing optimum lather that remains warm, instead of bowls or alternative metallic options which do not work also. Take a look at our reviews of brushes to function in conjunction using those scuttles to your maximum best experience.

This item was at very top of the list because of this. It’s handmade in the united states, made of fine porcelain clay, so that the purchase price line isn’t idiotic, a profound bowl, and a large handle, and removable waterspout to get hot water.

The water spout is clearly an incredibly cool idea and it’s likely a fantastic reason reviews report which the lather is definitely hot and prepared with a few pass-throughs. Only get rid of the pewter restricted “GP” removable stopper, fill with warm water, and place the stopper.

The water keeps the bowl hot and prepared for lather. The entire measurements of the bowl have been 5.25 inches in diameter and 4.25 inches tall, so the inner measurements are 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches deep.

Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Best Shaving ScuttleThe Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl sport a stylish design that interests a large quantity of men and women. It’s a stainless steel bowl with a lid to lock in heat and maintain the trim warm. It’s designed to carry various brands of shave soap, and which makes it a versatile unit for many shavers. Its strong structure enhances its durability while still its shiny finish can make it simple to wash.

Unlike other units which can be chrome plated, the Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl won’t flake or peel. You’ll just have to wash out the bowl and the lid to keep them tidy after shaving. Each bowl has been gift-wrapped, which makes it a more appropriate gift thing. Its price is comparatively low; nonetheless, it really is often times more economical than ceramic and ceramic bowls.

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Bowl

Best Shaving ScuttleFor the Severe shavers (no pun meant), few manufacturers and Services and products in men’s dressing might come near Edwin Jagger. Our second pick within this set of best shaving mugs is the EJ classic ceramic shaving soap. Edwin Jagger offer products that are great, if you buy their shaving bowl or a different manner of safety razor, then you should always get an excellent shave.

It’s An extremely unconventional design with an extensive opening in addition that divides down at the centre before becoming wide again close to the floor. There’s an elevated ridge on the within which enables you to set the puck readily.

The Measurements are approximately 4 inches wide on very top, 2.75 inches and approximately 3 inches in the end. Any conventional sized soap puck will fit snugly.

The Edwin Jagger logo is printed onto the surface of the shaving mug also it possesses a more knob-styled handle that will be easy to grasp and contributes to the allure of this mug. This is really a looker and you’re going to love to bring this into a bathroom counter tops.

The mug Is fabricated in England including most of EJ services and products and the ceramic structure is first class. Should you compare this with the no1 pick in this set of most useful shaving mugs they seem identical but are poles apart from caliber.

This One is obviously thicker and also the ceramic retains warmth for more. If you don’t accidentally drop it, then this will continue for years with no scrape to reveal.

Fine Lather Bowl with StaticHole Technology

Best Shaving ScuttleWhen You Have never used a lather Bowl before, and then wait till you decide to try one. It’ll alter how you shave and you’re going to won’t place the razor into see your own face without one.

Our next pick is that this fine Lather bowl having a whole lot of features which enable you to whip up a thick and persistent weld which remains wet and warm in your own face.

It’s Made from ceramic and is Surprisingly mild for your own size. This might also become a potential flaw due to the probability of you inadvertently bumping it in the wall or onto the counter tops.

The interior of the bowl is glazed and includes a ribbed design that makes it exceptionally simple to whip the gliding up instead of your bowl using a smooth finish.

The lather bowl is ivory Colored and also this makes it possible to assess the consistency of this lather. The further you swirl, the thicker it becomes ordinarily.

It’s a deal using a perfectly sized finger hole that permits one to grip it easily and in addition it offers a static gap that enables one to mount it to the wall socket. The hole that is static is sized to incorporate with 3M cable hooks.

Additionally, the handle pops up as A brush break and also you’re able to continue to keep the brush if not being used.

Apart from ivory, that fine Lather bowl can be available in red and black.

Shaving Factory Shaving Mug

Best Shaving ScuttleSecondly On this particular list may be the most elementary one all. This is really actually a shaving mug out of Shaving factory that’s ideal for your spendthrifts that are not used to wet shaving and also want to dip their feet before spending longer to a scuttle.

It Really Is An all-black ceramic mug with a knob for a deal. You may put your conventional sized shaving soap init and whip-up brewing easily using a shaving brush.

It fits all standard sized pucks readily and there’s Absolutely No difference between the puck and the inside of this bowl. Thus, not one of the lather will flow down the medial side of the puck. Be aware that those bowls and mugs do not include the shaving soap to get lather that you require.

The Shaving factory shaving mug features a gorgeous design with ridges at the floor and Shaving Factory logo printed in contrasting bold crimson.

As a Result of The ceramic structure, it’s a bit thicker compared to plastic mugs. However, we believe it to be an benefit. Less odds of inadvertently siphoned this over the countertops! Additionally, it keeps heat for an extended period frame. Consequently, if you’re utilizing hot water to whip up your lather, the yank will remain hot before you finish your own shave.

AKStore Stainless Steel Shave Bowl

Best Shaving ScuttleThe Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Scuttle Bowl can be just a easy bowl designed for budget buyers. You need to look at it when you’re interested in finding a easy bowl, for keeping and jelqing lather warm. Unlike ceramic and ceramic scuttles, this particular unit sheds heat quite fast. The bowl is constructed from metal; it’s the right unit for wet shavers, but may be utilized to get a horde of different purposes. Its exquisite polishing gives it an excellent look. It meets regular 3-inch shaving creams. It’s dishwasher friendly.

The dual layer structure with the bowl keeps it ventilated, improving its heat retention. Interior surface is also, nevertheless, smooth, and also you may require a few more minutes to produce lather. Like many bowls available on the current market, it doesn’t contain a spout and a treat. The machine feels sturdy throughout usage; you could put it to use in virtually any circumstance.

How To Use A Shaving Scuttle, Bowl And Mug

Step 1: Boil Water

Boil some water. While waiting for the water to boil run your scuttle under hot water to prepare it. You may ever want to stop the sink and submerge it in hot water until ready.

Add the boiling water to the spout of the scuttle. Then stick your safety razor and shaving brush in it. This will do two things; it will warm the razor and the brush, and it will soften the bristles of the brush.

Next, place the shaving puck in the soap tray and allow it to warm. During this time you may want to take a shower of bath. If bathing is not in the game plan, then let it sit for 10 minutes before you begin.

[Note: lower quality shaving brushes may be held together with a cheap glue that might melt if left in boiling water. Make sure the glue is gum or polymer-based first of that just the bristles are immersed in the water and not the handle].

Step 2: Submerge Scuttle In Hot Water To Heat

Remove the brush and start to swirl it around the top if the soap creating a lather. Depending on which school of lather you subscribe to it can be created in the dish or on the face. What is important is that it is hot.

Step 3: After Adding Boiling Water, Put Razor & Brush In Reservoir To Heat. Wait 10 Minutes….

Once lather is applied to your face place the brush back in the reservoir to keep it hot. After your first pass, re-lather your warm suds and go for pass two! Repeat one more time if a super close shave is what you are after.

Choosing Between A Scuttle, Bowl Or Mug

Understanding the basic differences between bowls, mugs and scuttles.

A Shaving bowl is the most basic lather making container you can think of. It does not come with handles. The soap puck sots at the base and you lather over it. A shaving mug id larger than a shaving bowl and often comes with a handle. Lather can be whipped inside it, and it is also made of better, heat resistant material for heating soap.

Best shaving scuttles have two compartments, with one being a closed top with perforations. The soap is placed ad the lather is whipped here, while additional water drains down. The other compartment can be used to store warm water. This also doubles up as storage for the brush after shaving.

Warm lather vs. cold lather

The most important thing is whether you prefer warm lather or cold. If you like to start with warm lather but are OK with it cooling down eventually, then a bowl will be a good fit for your needs. On the other hand, of you’d like the lather to stay warm until you make multiple passes and touch ups, then, by all means, go for a shaving scuttle.

A mug is somewhere n the middle of the two. It retains heat, but the lather won’t stay warm for as long as it would in a scuttle.


Choosing between a best saving scuttle and bowl and mug will all boil down to personal preference. If you want something that’ll produce a warm lather, then go with a shaving bowl or mug. You can store hot water in it so it’ll produce the warmest later.

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