Best Electric Shavers For Head Reviews Of 2019

Shaving Your Head Properly Requires the Right Head Shaver-

A best head shaver may appear great. Maybe not to say that the coolness factor and the practical aspect of matters: no longer bad hair days or even styling solutions. And the ladies appear to dig bald heads. Simply ask Jason Statham.

Sporting a bald head could force you to look very sharp; just forget concerning comb-overs hair bits or alternative items which may only make you seem silly.

Whether you get the complete mane and shave your own head only for the appearances or it’s as your hair is really needs to get thinner, then as soon as you have adopted your hair loss you’re going to require a correct tool to perform the shaving cream.

Pick the best electric shavers for head the specific case is quite essential as you’re going to be shaving off the duvet very regularly. It’ll engage in one’s (nearly) daily routine.

Most men may eliminate shaving their head every 2 to 3 days, however that is still a great shaving.

Though there certainly are some quite competent blade shavers around, we’re likely to address only the electric head shavers within this report.

Some might disagree, but that I believe these to be more powerful, more comfortable and more practical, though a blade can get one of the closest possible shave.

However, with some careful preparation and informed conclusions, an excellent electric head shaver can become pretty close performance-wise along with the outcome will soon suit many men.

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart ( Best Electric Shaver For Head)

best electric shavers for head

May be your Skull Shave yet another head shaver or even a “best razor” for shaving your head? When there are lots of top-rated electric razors available, depending around the Groom+Style’s evaluations and buyers’ reviews, it appears that the Skull shaver rankings as the very best electric shaver for your own head which you could now purchase. However, why is it special and is it really as amazing as people claim?

You’ve probably figured from our description of this Skull Shaver is our 1 choice, ” the Skull Shaver, does a better project to the shave but isn’t as versatile general. We do not mean to imply in any manner that you can not compensate for your openings; since you’re able to buy a hair trimmer attachment which fits this particular unit that’ll allow you to cut your hair to the point at which it’s ready for a shave. But if you’d like to make use of this shaver out-of-the-box, you are going to have to own first trimmed your own hair just another manner.

Therefore, in case you’re planning on letting your hair grow out occasionally you only must choose the trimmer attachment (link to Amazon). Utilizing the clipper attachment you’ll discover that having the head nearly bald is straightforward also to accomplish the remainder, you only have to make use of the Skull electric head shaver.

Besides this clipper, other fasteners available to buy add a charger/stand, also a human body shaver and also a ear and nose trimmer.

The shave itself is simply brilliant. The Skull shaver uses rotary blades (that, since we’ve said, are better fitted to head shaving – regrettably, the majority of the excellent rotary shavers are created by precisely the exact same company, Philips norelco).

However, this unit does not always have the 3 blades you normally find on shavers; it’s five complete inkjet blades. They go separately and are installed onto a massive head which soothes and moisturizes to accompany the shape of your scalp, so permitting you to remove pretty much every blade of hair providing you an extremely close shave without nicks or cuts quickly (that you never need to move repeatedly each patch), regardless of what way you go the shaver.

When moving the shaver is incredibly simple, due to just how it’s built. Even the Skull Shaver does not always have the standard long grip of a foil razor or even the tight “L” model of a rotary razor; it only has quite a small, patented base that readily ties in the palm of your hands, slightly similar to a square bar of soap.

This produces the best head shaver feel as an extension of one’s own arm, allowing perfect control of this system even when you should be shaving off the back of one’s head. It’s an excellent idea and the team ended up astonished nobody else had thought about it sooner. Comfort, relaxation, and simplicity of use would be the main characteristics you’ll love concerning the Skull shaver and united they create the shaving of one’s head a completely pleasing experience.

The most recent creation of Skull Shaver is currently waterproof can be utilised from the shower and washed under the faucet.

While some other best razor for bald head will need to get charged before they are sometimes properly used, the Skull shaver differs and when you start the box you’ll be able to begin using it straight away. That is only because arrives partially charged of course, in the event that you go out of battery all you want to do is plug it in to your wall socket and also in 2h you have the full charge able to be put to use (enabling one to shave your head upward into 3 times).

As stated previously this head shaver (which is also utilized on the face area) will not be ideal for you in the event you love to let your hair grow out for some time and then shave it thoroughly, if you don’t buy the trimmer attachment.

On the off chance that you lean toward the bare search for the long haul it’s the perfect unit for day by day or week by week utilize, despite the fact that at around $100 it’s pricier than generally contenders.

More subtle elements on the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart-

  • Measurements: 4 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Length Settings: None
  • Connections: None
  • Launderable: Yes
  • Control: Lithium-particle battery, rechargeable
  • Run Time: a hour and a half Guarantee:
  • One year

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

Best Electric Shavers For HeadThis Philips Norelco version makes it into the very top of the positions to three reasons: its own distinctive head structure, its capacity to trim hair until the balder attachment makes your head nice and glossy and its reasonable price.

The most fascinating of those 3 features is that the rotating head of this “Do-It-Yourself”, which goes readily through 180 degrees. Additionally, it alleviates the difficulties of shaving having a typical a non-rotating head.

Utilizing the head is simple; whatever you want to do is always to decide on the angle that is most suitable for you personally. This is going to make shaving at the hard to reach areas such as the throat, and sides of the head more reachable. Moreover, it generates shaving on the beard, jawline, and chin easier.

You just rotate the head to choose the angle in that you may love to shave and also the head will probably always be horizontal to the skin or scalp, which makes it simple to shave and reach sets out from either side of your head to a neckline — without even being forced to complete contortions to reach anyplace.

No competition provides this type of convenient performance.

There is a dial on the head that lets you pick greater than two-dozen different lengths for the trimming (from zero to 5/8 inch) before continuing forward to the balding tool (of course, it is also possible to simply stick to a buzz or close trimming with out an entire shave).

The trimming work on the QC5580 may be the most useful of almost any electric head shavers we’ve seen. Make use of the trimmer, to whiten your hair before shifting into the balder. Even the balder shaves very near epidermis, giving a smooth conclusion. This versatility can make this shaver very important.

The blades have curved edges, to minimize cuts, and also for a smoother, more shave. Additionally, there are two attachment brushes, one for more hair lengths plus you for precision work.

The shave is really where the Norelco drops a little short of this mark determined by our #2 choice. The balding attachment can be really a foil shaver instead of one, and we’ve discovered that inkjet is a much better choice so you can get the completely bald appearance on the head at a whole lot less time.

This shaver demands several moves plus some solid pressure to completely get rid of all the hairs and stubble in a location — that could mean more annoyance or razor burn up out on the own scalp when compared to the usual rotary shaver. Do not make us wrong; that the shave isn’t bad whatsoever, it’s simply never as clean because the following razor on the list.

This Phillips Includes a Lithium Ion battery. It’s fantastic for an hour usage, after 60 minutes of charging. You can put it to use with, or without the ability cable, for greater portability. The shaver comes with a battery level indicator; a white lighting for the complete charge, along with also an orange lighting for low battery. That really is essential in the event you’re shaving much from an energy supply.

Additionally, it’s harmonious with voltages global. That really is quite convenient when traveling because you won’t want an adapter. The Phillips QC5580 includes a tiny handheld mirror that will assist you reach those hard to shave spots. The entire package is available in a handy storage pouch.

Even the QC5580 comes with a fine texture at the hand because of its rubber grip, it’s effortless to clean below the faucet, but does not require lubrication plus it has self-sharpening metal blades.

We offer it a “A” for advantage, design, and versatility (it is useful as being a beard trimmer together with being a hair trimmer); when we did not need to provide it an “B” for its genuine manly function, this are an ideal instrument.

Features of this Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro:

  • Dimensions: 9 x 5.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Length Settings: 14
  • Attachments: Balder, big comb (3-15 mm), accuracy comb (1-3 mm)
  • Washable: Yes Power: Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
  • Run Time: 60 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years

Can You Shave Your Head With An Electric Shaver?


Other Narrative, as they State, is that electric razors have several Benefits over manual razors in Terms of shaving your head:

  • They are faster
  • They reduce cuts and ingrown hairs
  • they do not necessitate shaving cream, gel, or soap.
  • You are able to utilize it in a variety of locations, not simply on your bathroom in the home
  • Many have cordless capacities, and that’s just another reason they are so good on-the-go.

Authentic, there’s a tiny learning curve in regards to having an electric shaver onto your own head. No, it isn’t rocket science, however to borrow a well worn cliche – practice makes perfect.

1 way to find the very best results from the electric shaver would be having a circular motion along with the shaving off your own scalp. It’s really a pattern which adjusts into the shape of one’s head, will diminish the amount of nicks and cuts, and also certainly will offer the quintessential appearance whenever you are done.

How To Shave Your Head With Electric Head Shaver ?


There are naturally additional razors on the market that’ll work nicely for head shaving; choosing just one comes down into budget and technology utilized (transparency or analog) and skills. This report targets assisting you to limit your choices.

Whenever selecting what are the best electric shaver for head, make certain that you’re taking in to consideration the particular qualities of this pill outlined within this informative article.

A number of the options really are somewhat high priced, however at the very long term the high price of an even competent and comfy razor is worth. Only consider all of the cash you’re going to be saving from never becoming haircuts anymore.

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