Top 10 Best Electric Shaver Of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Electric Shaver Review 2019

Best electric shaver for men are a key essential for day to day grooming. They are portable, easy to use and help in keeping hair trimmed. With the amount of technology and sophisticated designs being used by top manufacturers, users can experience results like never before. Companies like Braun, Panasonic and Philips have some of the best electric shaver.

Each of these companies developed their own kind of technology which gives a subtle change in performance. Some purist still believe that the razor and gel combination gives the right shave but having an best electric shaver has its own advantages.

The list that we have compiled includes shavers from a wide range of models in terms of price and functionality. According to your requirement, you can narrow down from the list, best electric shaver suits your requirement the best.

Top 10 Best Electric Shaver Comparison Table

Braun Series 7 790cc-4
Editor's Choice
Foil4.7 / 5
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Foil4.3 / 5
Panasonic ES8243A Arc 4Foil4.4 / 5
Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Foil4.3 / 5
Philips Norelco S9311/87Foil4.2 / 5
Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 Foil4.2 / 5
Panasonic ES-LV81-K, Arc5 Foil4.4 / 5
Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Foil4.2 / 5
Braun Series 9 9090cc Foil4.3 / 5
Philips Norelco Shaver 4500Foil4.2 / 5

Without further delay, let’s jump in and reveal the best Electric shaver to buy.

#1. Braun Series 7 790CC – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric ShaverThe Braun series 7 790cc shaver has a well designed sleek body and comes with many sophisticated features. Just like a quintessential German product it speaks of latest features and long term durability. It is best electric shaver.

It has some unique technology features which really complement its performance. Braun has implemented Sonic technology on this particular electric shaver which increases or reduces power according to hair thickness.

Before we further explore its features let us first look at its appearance. It has some beautiful contours which help it to comfortably fit in your hand. The LED display adds to the look of the product.

Let us look at the main features before we go for a further analysis-

    • The intelligent Sonic Technology varies the power as per the hair thickness, which helps it to trim thick hair.
    • It can go up to 10,000 micro vibrations per minute if required. It has an ActiveLift trimmer, which helps in cutting flat-lying hair.
    • It has a 2X OptiFoil which gives you a closer shave.
    • It can shave 0.05 mm closer to the surface.
    • It has an advanced clean and charge station, hygienically cleans the best electric shaver with alcohol and charges it.
  • It is made in Germany and has a guarantee for 7 years.
The charging station is well designed and will be in use regularly as the lithium Ion battery last for 50 minutes on a single charge. The charging station has a one-of-a-kind 5 stage alcohol cleaning system. The solution can be replaced every month by the ones which have been given by Braun or the user can make his own solution but they will have to be careful as it may void the warranty. The shaver has a consistent buzzing sound but it is not too loud. The close shave technology is quite effective and the user can be assured of same quality results for years to come.


  1. The intelligent Sonic technology works great to change the amount of power for a better shave on various thickness of hair.
  2. It is fully waterproof and one can clean it with running water before putting it into the charging station.
  3. The side trimmer is helpful in shaping beard and sideburn.
  4. The head contour is flexible which helps in shaving different parts of the face.
  5. It can shave very close to the surface and give a smooth result.


    1. One of the downsides is that even after all the technological advancement the best electric shaver is till a bit loud.
    1. Cleaning station needs to be regularly recharged with a solution and they may not be good for long term use.
  1. The lithium ion battery only provides 50 minutes of shavings time, with each charge.

Final Verdict
It is a sophisticated best electric shaver some special features optimising the performance. The waterproof is very helpful in making it easy to use so that you can even use it in the shower and simply clean it with running water. Price is on the higher side but looking at the latest technology being given it is a good choice for an best electric shaver which will not go old fashioned for years to come.

 #2. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc4 is a cordless best electric Shaver for men. The design me look grubby in the beginning button it is a powerful device with many high-quality features. The Arc4 stands for 4 razor blades in the shaver. It has a light body and a smooth ergonomics design.

There is a 10 stage LED display on the handle giving all the information from battery status to the current settings. The shaver has 4 ultra sharp hypoallergenic razor blades.

These blades can go up to 14000 vibrations per minute on each of the 4 blades. It has a multiflex razor head that gives easy side to side and back and forth movement making it easy to use on different areas of the body.

Let us look at the main features first and then go into a further analysis-

  • It works on a fast hyper performance dual motor which is capable of going at 14,000 cuts per minute.
  • It has nanotech blades at a precision honed 30-degree angle.
  • The head is multiflex pivotal allows the shaver to glide smoothly along the different contours of the face.
  • It has a wet and dry option for different conditions.
  • It contains a 10 stage LED which helps in checking the power status, different modes and settings.
  • It comes with an AC recharger and travel pouch.
  • A charging of 1 hour can last up to 45 minutes.
  • It is waterproof.
So these are the main features. The shaver does have a powerful linear drive motor buzzing out 14,000 cpm and with the angle on the blades it gives the sharpness required for a smooth and close shave. The design may not be the best but the pivotal multi-flex head is very convincing in tackling different contours of the face and body. At 7 ounces of weight it is also not the lightest of shavers but for the price, one wouldn’t mind the extra weight.

Also, contrary to other best electric shavers the battery in this one doesn’t painfully carry on till its last charge of current, rather the best shaver goes full throttle till the very end and then just stops. It is good if you are using it to trim your beard and don’t want the device to slowly entangle in your hair while you squeeze out the last of the battery life.

It is quite a powerful shaver  when you consider that most of the other ones only go up to 10,000 cpm this is 40% more powerful and that really shows in the performance where you can expect a smooth shave every time.


  1. It gives a smooth and close shave for your face and can also be used for the top of your head easily.
  2. It charges really fast and one can have 45 minutes run time on 1 hour of charging.
  3. It can be easily used in the shower thanks to its waterproofing.
  4. The LED display gives all the necessary information in an easy to read form.


  1. The blades will have to be replaced regularly.
  2. There is no charging station.
Final Verdict
Now you will have to keep changing the blades after a certain period of use this is something you will have to take into account for, the price varies from vendor to vendor but this is quite inexpensive to other best electric shavers offering similar performance.

The only thing which separates them is the replacement blades. So, if you are ready to replace the blades every month or so then this is a powerful best electric shaver with good features and design otherwise if you believe in one-time purchase then there are other options albeit more expensive ones.

#3. Panasonic Linear ES8243A Arc4 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric ShaverThe Panasonic Linear ES8243A Arc 4 is a slimmed down model of the ES LA63 Arc4. Though it retains the design, technology and most features it is just a bit lighter on performance.

For someone for whom the ES LA63 will look like a lawn mower and not desiring the extra high power, the ES8243A is the more sobered down version. It is still more powerful than its contemporaries hosted by different companies and can give out 13,000 cpm. The LCD display is, however, quite advanced and gives a lot of details in a legible form.

Let us take a look at its basic feature-

  •        It comes with 4 ultra sharp nanotechnology blades for a closer shave.
  •        It has an ultra thin Multi-Fit Arc 4 foil to smoothly cover the facial features.
  •        Flexible pivoting of the head to help easy gliding over the contours.
  •        The linear motor gives 13,000 cpm.
  •        It is fully waterproof.
  •        10 stage LCD display.
  •        It comes with an AC adapter and a travel pouch.
So, here we are, we have come to a level one below from the previous model, but is it really inferior in performance. From the first appearance, it lacks the Multi-Flex head of the ES LA63 but it still has a flexible razor head which is more than capable of covering the contours.

The pop-up trimmer works well to shape the sideburns and moustache. It is really a great addition to get a trimmer in the shaver device as well and saves for an extra purchase. The blades are designed to shave at an angle of 30 degrees from where they can scoop up any flat-lying hair. The battery charge will run out at max power and you will not go through any stage of low power shaving.


  1. The 10 stage LCD display gives all the information right on the handle to see.
  2. The shave is smooth and close and one can use their favourite gel or creams to get their shave just like the way they want it.
  3. The waterproofing is good and required and they give a nice travel carry bag.


  1. Just like its sister model the blades need to be changed after some time.
  2. There is no separate charging station.
Final Verdict
Now, as far as the charging station is concerned it is not really required if you have an AC adapter and it can be actually more cumbersome to carry around. For the blades, well you have to take note that you are getting this device for a price below $90, so even if you have to replace the blades every month or so it will still be a good choice if you intend to use it for a few years.

#4. Philips Norelco Shaver 6100 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric ShaverThe Philips Norelco 1150X has a space age type of design and is very unusual in respect to it peers. So, we can expect varying performance stats as well. It is priced significantly lower than its competition and that makes a big plus point if you are shopping on a budget.

The shaving head is ideally said to be replaced every 1 year, so that will significantly increase the costs for a long term use and there is always a dependency on a particular replacement part which may not be available at every location. Nevertheless

Let us look at the main features and see if this is a device which can be taken seriously –

  • Gyroflex 2D contour-following system to give you a close shave over different features.
  • Dual Precision stubs are able to shave off even the shortest hairs.
  • It comes with a charging stand.
  • It has a click-on precision trimmer head.
  • It has a power cord and separate cleaning brush.
  • It can go on for 50 minutes on a full charge and a small 5-minute charging will help it run for at least one shave.
  • The lithium ion battery gives very good performance.
  • The battery can be fully charged in one hour for which it will give 40 minutes of shaving time and just a short 5-minute charging can give you a single shave.
  • It works well when shaving with a gel or cream to give a smoother shave. The shaver is slightly on the heavier side and weighs in at slightly over 1 pound.


  1. It gives a good shave at other parts of the body like a neck.
  2. The battery performance is good.


    1. It does not have the shaving power to cleanly shave the skin on one or two strokes.
    1. You may have to repeatedly shave to get all the hair out.
  1. The charging indicator does not give a proper indication for the full charge.
Final Verdict
It does not have the same power-packed performance as other competing models but it does have a good design for going smoothly over all surfaces. The battery life is quite impressive. If you are going for a budget shopping then this device will give you a satisfactory performance.

#5. Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric ShaverWe continue with the futuristic design of Philips Norelco series, it really seems to have touched a chord with the makers. The design comes in a sleek silver grey outer body and a black inner section. It has three circular razors on the head angled in different outward directions for maximum coverage.

Does it manage to clean shave on the very first stroke, well that is highly unlikely because this shaver class does not have the high powered piranha-like sharp razors which will do the job in just a couple of swipes, still, for many users this electric shaver just might give enough for what is required.

Let us see the main points-

  • It has Contour Detect Technology where each shaving head is capable of moving in 8 separate directions to be able to cut the hair more evenly.
  • It has a three speed setting for different types of hair.
  • There is a SmartClean system designed to recharge and clean the shaver.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has a LED display.
  • Quick charging Lithium Ion battery.
The shaver gives a more respectful performance than other Philips Norelco shavers. There is 30% better shaving performance with a deeply thought out Contour Technology which moves the shaving heads in every which way so they are able to go over different facial features with utmost ease.

The device still lacks the power of other high performing best electric shavers but the blades for this shaver provide a closer shave and also self-sharpen which keeps them proper for a long term use. The SmartClean system is a good advancement in the charging station and there is a non-alcoholic fluid used for cleaning, for some people that may be a plus point. The LED display gives basic information regarding the battery status, head replacement indicator and cleaning indicator.

The Aquatec technology works fine if you want to continue using your long time shaving cream to get a clearer well-nourished skin. The Li-Ion battery works like a charm and can last up to 40 minutes on a full recharge and even if you just charge for 4 minutes you will still get enough juice for a single shave.


  1. The shaving heads can move independently in 8 different directions giving it a much smoother and closer performance.
  2. The cleaning is taken care of by the SmartClean system.
  3. It is strongly built and can be easily used in the shower.


  1. It is more expensive than other Philips Norelco model.
  2. The heads have to be replaced yearly.
Final Verdict
The price has dropped from the initial offering of $200 and now sits at just below $180, still, that doesn’t make it any cheap.The technology used does deliver a good performance and you can expect a closer shave. The cleaning system is a good advantage for people who like to have a separate station. The features are quite good but it may be still a bit over priced.

#6. Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric ShaverThe Philips Norelco 7300 S7370/87 retains the mainstay design of Philips Norelco shavers with 3 heads having 5 direction movement. This model, however, is designed especially for sensitive skin, so for users who have been having a hard time finding the right shaver for their sensitive skins then this shaver just might be the answer.

The users will be happy to know that it has all the features as they are in similar models of Philips Norelco.

So it will be to take a quick overview of these features and then we will take a closer look-

  • LED display for the shaver gives the essential information of battery status, when the shaving head needs to be changed and whether the travel lock is on (a good feature if you are carrying in our bag and don’t want it to get switched on accidentally) You are free to use different gels and creams along with your shave with the Aquatec technology.
  • The SmartClean system uses non-alcoholic solution to clean the shaver heads. The system enhances long-term performance with better blade lubrication while it charges the shaver.
  • It is fully waterproof.
  • It comes with a deluxe carry bag.
So these were the main features. The best feature are the uniquely designed three shaving heads which give it an enhanced coverage over the shaving area and also help in a closer shave. The special anti-friction micro bead coating helps in tackling a sensitive skin type. It weighs about 2 pounds and can be considered to be slightly on the higher side. It gives a very precise cut because of its shaver head.

It has all the refinements as its sister models with the same level of refinement for the shaver heads. The case provided is sleek and comfortably holds all the components of this electric shaver. It’s always great to have a shaver which you can reliably use in the shower with any of your favourite gels. One can also understand the fact that even if you don’t have a sensitive skin still using an electric shaver can cause skin irritation.

Many shavers do not provide the extra protection of being easy on the skin, here it is an added advantage to have a shaver with extra protection for sensitive skin. The LED is well placed in the handle and it is easy to read giving the main information regarding battery status, head replacement indicator and travel lock. The shape of the heads is such that they are difficult to clean them through running water but are much easier to clean by the SmartClean system.

This best electric shaver is a tad bit expensive than its contemporaries but its comfort and extra care is well worth the expense. The added trimmer works well when you just need to trim your hair. The battery life is very satisfactory and one can get 40 minutes of shaving time by just one hour of recharge. If you have forgotten to charge your shaver then no worries, just 5 minutes of charging will give it enough power for a single shave.


  1. Gives extra comfort for sensitive skin.
  2. Its SmartClean system makes the cleaning easy.
  3. The shaver head design of the Philips Norelco gives extra coverage for a better shave.


  1. It is slightly expensive than other models.
  2. It is not as powerful as other electric shavers.
Final Verdict
If you have sensitive skin and are searching for a shaver which will give the extra softness while giving good results then the Philips Norelco 7300 is one of the electric shaver in the market for this purpose.

Philips gives it the same shaver head design as it has on most of its models and that will be the final call point, where you have to decide that whether you are a fan of the triple shaver head design which Philips has so rigorously incorporated or would like to go for a conventional design high powered shaver from another company.

Here, a lot will depend upon your experience with the best Philips electric shavers. Otherwise for anyone having a sensitive skin then this model does make a better choice.

#7. Panasonic Arc 5 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric ShaverPanasonic has come to you with its high powered electric shaver the ES-LV81-K Arc5 it is a significant advancement from the Arc4 series of Panasonic while retaining the characteristics of the earlier models, it has taken a leap in its features and pricing.

The blades are aligned in the basic form of a single line but the head is MultiFlex also having blades in one line and at a particular gives a closer shave. Talk about the angle the blades are at 30 degrees and hypoallergic which help it to lift and cut even the flat lying hairs and you will not have to be embarrassed by having a moment where someone else points out that lone hair on your chin or your neck.

The motor does give a powerful performance and the linear motor is capable of giving 14,000 cpm (cuts per minute) if you multiply by the 5 independent blades then that gives a staggering 70,000 cuts total per minute. This is definitely a model for users who have fast hair growth and their hair is thick and hard. One of the best things about having a shaver like this is that it will do the job efficiently and quickly, within only a couple of swipes you can get a smooth and deep shave.

This is very welcome for users who do not have the time to keep swiping their shaver for that smooth and close finish and would rather be done in a couple of runs. The cleaning system is quite big and does take a significant amount of space but it uses a non-alcoholic solution to do the job and keeps your razor head in top condition.

Let us look at the main features of this best electric shaver before we do a closer analysis-

  • It uses 5 ultra sharp hypoallergic blades placed at an angle of 30 degrees for a closer shave and pick up flat-lying hair as well.
  • The linear motor gives out 14,000 cut per minute for each of the blades and for a total of 5 blades it adds up to 70,000 cpm.
  • The MultiFlex pivoting head helps in navigating through different contours and curves of the face and other areas. The Multi Fit ARC foil helps in smoothening the contact on different areas so that there is no irritation afterwards.
  • It comes with a premium automatic charging station which cleans, dries and charges the shaver and keeps it ready for the next use. The solution used for cleaning is non-alcoholic.
  • It has a pop-up trimmer which takes care of the sideburn and moustache trimming.
  • It has a wet and dry capability and can easily work with shaving gels. It is also fully waterproof.
  • The LED display is of 10 stages and provides all the basic information like charging status.
Panasonic provides an altogether different style and design than the main brands such as Braun and Philips. In comparison to its predecessor, the Panasonic ES LV81 K Arc 5 comes with its own charging and cleaning station. Being a foil shaver one can expect a closer shave, but it is also noisy than the Philips Norelco shavers which are known for their low sound.

The shaver can give good performance at different parts of the body if you want to use it extensively. The waterproof feature is sufficient to take it into the shower. The 5 blades moving at 14,000 cuts per minute each tremendously reduce the shaving time. Only thing is that you have to be sure that you are positioning the electric shaver perfectly so that you get all the hair in a few strokes.

The Micro Foils have the Lift Tech foil feature which helps in lifting up the hair which is even lying flat so that it is fully clean. The linear motor is quite powerful and it keeps going on at maximum throttle right at the end where the batteries go off so there is no lingering shaving experience at low speed which greatly compromises the quality of the results. The MultiFlex head can facilitate movement of 25-30 degrees.

Even though it has a powerful motor capable of going at 14,000 cpm it still is quite amazingly quiet. You will not face any problem while using it in the shower as it is fully waterproof and if there is a shaving gel which you need to apply which a more irritation free and closer shave then the wet and dry capability helps you do it. It weighs in at 6.4 ounces which make it just at about the ideal weight for an electric shaver


  1. It is powerful and capable of giving a close shave in a fast time.
  2. For users with sensitive skin, it is one highly rated best electric shavers.
  3. Even after having a powerful motor it has relatively noise free operation.


  1. The cleaning system needs to be refilled after some time and that can add to the cost in the long run, as it is already one of the most expensive shavers in the market.
  2. The LCD displays all the required information but it remains active only for a few seconds before you have to click it on again.
  3. The shaver has 5 blades which make it quite powerful but at the same time difficult to manoeuvre in narrow areas like between the nose and lips.
Final Verdict
This is one of the electric shavers in the market when you consider the power and it close shaving capability, however, the design is such that it is quite bulky and difficult to manoeuvre in narrow spaces. Also, it is one of the most expensive shavers in the market and for a budget shopper, there are many inexpensive options available with satisfactory performance. Nevertheless, the Panasonic ES-LV 81 Arc5 has its own charm of being very powerful and very quite.

#8. Panasonic Arc 4 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric Shaver

The Panasonic ES LA93 Arc4 is a sleek-looking best electric shaver which is powerful and has a good design. The elegant black coloured body fits well into the hand and has a cleaning and charging station.

The shaver has great looks if that is one of the sway factors for the customer as it will look good on any shelf. It is cordless and the charging station provides the recharge for the batteries. It is ergonomically designed and one can use in the shower or with a shaving gel.

Like other Panasonic shavers, it is one of the most powerful best electric shavers available but still remains quiet during operation. The 4 blades work separately each at 14,000 cpm.

Let us go through the main features first –

  • It has a dual motor shaving system with 4 blades which are angled at 30 degrees so that they can act on even the flat-lying hair.
  • The dual motor operation is such that one motor operates the blades at 14,000 cpm while the other motor moves the blades in sideway directions so that they are able to get a better hold on the hair.
  • The MultiFit ARC foils provide smooth and gentle operation on various contours of the face.
  • It has an automatic cleaning and charging station, which cleans, dries and recharges the shaver so it is ready for the next use.
  • It can also be easily rinsed in water for cleaning.
  • It has a pop-up trimmer which works well to shape sideburns and moustache.
  • There is a 10 stage LCD display on the handle which gives all the basic information like the charge status, mode and setting.
  • It is a wet and dry shaver and is completely waterproof.
While using this shaver you will find the movement very stable and smooth as the shaver head is gently curved so that it easily goes over the curves of the face. It works great for users who have been used to using the rotary type shaver in the past as both the rotary and straight movement work well for this shaver and they can have a foil headed comfortable shaving head.

The blades are very sharp and are capable of giving a close shave which is sometimes not possible on other shavers. The shaving can be done with minimum irritation after effect as the blades are hypoallergic. The users can easily use the shaver in wet and dry settings with a comfortable and close shave. The cleaning and charging system is rather large and is made from black matte plastic.

It uses a different technology than the ones with solution based cleaning, here there is sonic vibration technique which practically shakes the hair out even from the minutest corners of the blades. The system does need to be changed from time to time but there is a very long duration of use before that.


  1. Gives a smooth and close shave in just a few runs.
  2. It has a sleek ergonomic design.
  3. The charging station does not require a solution for cleaning.


  1. It is slightly expensive and the charging station requires new cartridges for cleaning.
  2. It can be a bit bulky for shaving on the narrow contours.
Final Verdict
Although this is a slightly expensive option it does give the right balance between power and comfort. The best electric shaver also gives some unique feature which sets it apart from its peers, one is the charging station with its unique vibration technology which cleans the razor effectively and the second is the independent movement of the blades in cutting and moving sideways. These features do help in enhancing the performance and make it an excellent option.

#9. Braun Series 9 9090cc – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric Shaver

The Braun Series 9 9090cc has the unique distinction of being the fastest shaver and has been heavily promoted. It has an elegant silver metallic design and fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

It works splendidly for wet and dry use and has its own cleaning centre. It is priced on the higher side but Braun brings its quality and latest technology. It has a well designed round power button on the near centre of the handle and a small LCD display, in terms of design aesthetics this device speaks of high sophistication. It is an ergonomic design and it will not slip easily.

The Sonic technology vibrates the blades 40,000 times per minute. Even if you have taken it easy for a few days and now have considerable facial hair the Braun 9 9090cc will take care of it in very less time.

Let us go through the main features-

  • It has 4 flexible cutting elements mounted on a pivotal head.
  • It comes with two sets of motion – MicroMotion and MacroMotion which give a higher degree of skin contact for facial adaptability.
  • It has Intelligent SynchroSonic technology which can go at 40,000 vibrations per minute.
  • It has a cleaning charging station which is capable of giving 5 actions for an alcohol based clean and storage system.
The shaver is made in Germany and you can expect the best quality in terms of design and built. Although it works well in the dry mode it gives better shave with a shaving gel in the wet mode. The design and the charcoal coloured casing is very elegant looking.

It is for a cordless operation and the LCD display is neatly positioned near the base of the handle. The shave quality is really smooth due to the Intelligent Sonic Technology which vibrates the blades at 40,000 vibrations per minute for a closer smoother shave. The four cutting elements are adept at shaving off the hair of different lengths whether it is a stubble or a beard.

The cleaning station is quite impressive and comes with a 5 action design. On placing the shaver in the cleaning station it automatically cleans, charges and lubricates the blades. It also has a built-in fan to dry your shaver. After the cleaning process what you will get will be a 100% hygienic shaver


  1. It gives a smooth and close shave.
  2. It has a unique cleaning unit with 5 stage action.
  3. The trimmer works well to trim the moustache or beard.


  1. It is slightly over priced.
Final Verdict
On the look of it this shaver can last for 7-8 years which will cover for its high price. The performance is high quality and one can expect a close shave in both wet and dry modes. The LCD might be a little small but the overall design is very elegant.

#10. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 – “Best Electric Shaver”

Best Electric ShaverThe Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 is the shaver with the trademark 3 shaving heads design. It is a cordless rechargeable shaver and has got the basic features set which makes it rather inexpensive, so for budget shoppers, it can make a good choice.

It can be used in both dry and wet modes give a good close shave. It has a curvy ergonomic design and fits well in your hand. The dual precision shaving heads are able to cut if the hair of different lengths. The colour is the standard grey and black

matte finish. It has a good battery strength and can go up to 50 minutes on a single charge.

Let us take a look at the main features –

  • It has dual precision heads designed to cut long and short hair.
  • Philips Aquatec technology works well to give wet and dry use.
  • The shaving head lasts up to 12 months before replacement.
  • It has a pop-up trimmer for trimming sideburns and moustache.
The LED display on the face indicates the charge status of the shaver. The Aquatec technology works great if you want to shave in the shower. You will get better results if you use shaving gels and foams which will give lesser irritation, but if you choose to use just plain water then also it can give a close satisfactory shave.

The price is low but you will have to replace the shaving head every year which increases costs in long term use. The grip of the shaver is designed which anti-slip surface so that you will not loose grip even in wet conditions. There is no separate charging stand which can be seen as a plus point for someone who likes to travel light and not keep too many components, just the one charging cord is required. The overall shave quality is quite good and it does not have the excessive technical amenities as other shavers


  1. It has a low cost and can be easily carried around with it not having any bulky charging stations.
  2. The shave is smooth and close.


  1. It does not have a separate charging station and the cleaning unit.
  2. The shaving head needs to be replaced every 12 months.
  3. It does not have the power as other shavers and can take more time to shave.
Final Verdict
This is a low-cost shaver which is capable of giving a smooth and close shave. Many users will find the lack of accessories a desirable point because it becomes easier to carry in your travel bag. For the more demanding user, this model may seem a bit low tech.

The shaving heads need to be changed every 12 months, so that is the main factor which will make you decide whether you want to spend more and go for a shaver with shaver heads which lasts for the full life of the shaver or choose the one which will need replacement every 12 months.

The Philips quality and design work well to give a good shaving experience. It is certainly one of the few shavers which can be purchased at a budget price and still give a satisfactory performance.

Rotary vs Foil Shaver – Which is best for you?

I favor Foil shavers over shavers due to the closeness, smoothness, and design.

Shavers were introduced first to provide comfortable shaving experience and shaving mind. Undoubtedly that shavers are more comfortable when compared to the foil shavers however they failed to provide a close shave.

Whereas on the other hand, foil shavers are specialist in closeness. They contain sharp blades and innovative technology which I really like.

  • Led Indicator: A charger with a light emitting diode mark is sufficient to continue to keep you pleased with the current battery amount. Let you know once you attached to the charger and also caution you with the batterylife.
  • Corded and Cordless Shaving: Several of those electric razors permit one to shave while the electric shaver plugged in while some do not. Braun series 9 does not allow shaved while Braun series 7 really do allow it.
  • Simple to use and wash: make certain the electric razors design is simple to use and wash. All of electric razors listed above are simple to use and simple to wash. The majority of the electric razors previously come with Cleaning dock, all you’ve got to do is to set the shaver inside that dock and then press the button, which dock will wash your shaver. Some models do not come with this specific cleaning dock, and that means you’ve got to perform it by hand. But this wont require a lot more than 1 minute!
  • Pop up Trimmer: the majority of the shavers arrive with an integrated trimmer which is often popped up.
  • Wet & Dry Technology: Wet&Dry technology lets best electric razors to be used either beneath the bathtub or on tender skin. If you have a sensitive skin, you then might want shaving with gel foam. That is where this tech is sold convenient.

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